1993 mitubishi eclipse

my mitsubishi

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1993 Mistsubishi Eclipse 1.8L Burnouts
Yet another burnout video from us.

1g GSX Dash Replacement --VIDEO#6
My 93' AWD GSX 5spd getting a Dash Board Replacement. While the dash was out, I removed all the A/C and Heater components for more weight reduction. The dash that went into the GSX came off of my 94' Talon. The Talon dash was completely gutted and trimmed of all unneeded weight as well. New video coming up of new dash installed.

93 mitsubishi eclipse walk around
my 1993 mitsubishi eclipse, im not old enough to drive it yet but next year ill be able to. I will be doing some work on it wen im old enough to drive

DSM Tribute
This is a tribute to the DSM, one of the best bang for bucks in the industry. Make sure to check out my cardomain page to look at my 1993 Talon TSi build progress. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3223622