EL Falcon Start Up

Starting car after work

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EL Falcon Engine blowup - loses two rods and keeps on going!
An EL falcon on its way out, well more like getting ready to be turned into coke cans. Anyways we tried to drop the oil, turns out it had been running a hill billy dry sump similar to when you do not add any oil for 300,000 k's. A little tip to get us started - if you do not have jumper leads, grab a battery and jam the terminals ontop of the battery in your car - works a charm - process show in the first few seconds of the video. The motor started and ran a bit rough, sitting on the limiter for about 15 seconds the rough idle was sorted out by two rods exiting the sump and she ran a whole lot better from then on in. Gotta add - big thanks to Simbad - it was his idea, his workshop, his car and motor. Thanks for the laugh on this one mate! http://www.modifiedcarforums.com

EL Fairmont Ghia
My car, a 6 CYLINDER, NOT A V8 :D

Ford falcon EL cold start problem smart lock
After some advice. I only have this problem when it is cold. Notice the only time the smartlock light stays on is the only time it starts. Once the car is warm it starts fine.

Which exhaust sounds best
my V8 with and without Exhaust you choose which sounds best