2013 Camaro MyLink

New MyLink radio in the 2013 Camaro.

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HDMI input on Camaro MyLink
HDMI input on the stock Camaro MyLink is not easy to come by. The unit that makes the HDMI input possible here is called the HD-LINK IW03GF and is sold by a Korean company. I connected a Google Chromecast to the HDMI input and used the 4G LTE WiFi signal on my phone, which enables passengers in the car to cast videos! The sound is output from the unit to the car speakers via the AUX jack. UPDATE: Instead of using a Chromecast (which requires a WiFi internet signal to work), I have now switched to a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. This way I can connect the phone display to the car screen (locally) without messing with 4G Hotspots. Works great with my Android phone and screen sharing. The video that I cast via phone mirroring at the end of this video is GoPro footage that I took of the Gion district in Kyoto, Japan, on a recent vacation there. Yes, my 2010 Camaro also has a push button start that I installed.

Chevrolet MY LINK CAMARO HD-LINK system by 인디웍 indiwork
presents www.indiwork.co.kr Chevrolet Camaro MY LINK HD LINK SYSTEM - Be compatible with various models of Chevrolet equipped with MY LINK screen ( Chevrolet MY LINK , Malibu, Orlando, Alpheon) - Support extensive HDMI device - Support Digital NAVIGATION (GPS BOX) - Rear PGS&PDC Supports external rear view camera with 'Parking Guide System & Parking Distance Control'. - Front view system The video of front view camera is shown automatically by the 'automatic activation function' for (8, 10, 15) seconds. -Easy to use the setting menu of HD-LINK (Full touch control ) It is designed to be simple and easy to use. - Compact interface body - 쉐보레 마이링크 적용 차종 적용 - HDMI INPUT / 다양한 HDMI Divice 를 자유롭게 사용 - LVDS INPUT / LVDS (Digital)출력의 셋탑네비게이션 적용시 최상의 화질 구현 - FPG & PDC / 핸들의 각도에 따라 가이드되는 후방선 , 파크트로닉센서 그래픽 구현 - Rear Cam INPUT / 외부 후방카메라 입력 지원 , PAS 캔 연결시 자체적으로 후방전원 출력 - 옴니뷰&전방카메라 INPUT / 옴니뷰 혹은 전방카메라 연동 기능 (기어 'P' 모드에서 'D' 로변경시 설정 시간 (8초,10초,15초) 만큼 옴 비뷰 OR 전방카메라 화면으로 자동 전환 후 원래화면 복귀) (기어 'R' 모드에서 'D' 로변경시 설정 시간 (8초,10초,15초) 만큼 옴니뷰 OR 전방카메라 화면으로 자동 전환 후 원래화면 복귀) - AV IN OUT 지원 / 영상1 음성 L R IN OUT 제공 - 터치로 제어되는 세팅모드는 시인성,편리성에 더해 사용자에게 최적화된 환경을 제공 - 소형 사이즈와 편리한 작업성 인디웍 Individual Workshop http://www.indiwork.co.kr

How to add Factory Navigation/Mylink to a 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro
Shop at: http://autospatech.com/navi/chevrolet/chevrolet-Camaro-mylink-factory-navigation. html Like us at: https://www.facebook.com/Auto.Spa.Mobile.Technologies Showing adding a 2013 Factory Mylink touch screen to a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. We can add navigation as well with different components. Full length video and installation instructions available with purchase of system. Fits: 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro For more information please call 866-674-1705 or email us at sales@autospatech.com

Chevrolet My Link 2013/14 Camaro Introduction
This is an introduction for the Chevrolet My Link Infotainment stereo, currently available on the 2013/14 Camaro. Also Available on Chevrolet Traverse and Equinox. Available as GMC Itelli-link on GMC Terraine, and Acadia Buick Itelli-link on Buick Encore and Enclave. Overall, pretty easy to use compared to other systems I've seen. This is 16 min. and there's still lots more features to show! thanks for watching. #GWoodCars #thecardealmadeeasy