test & tune nos test 460 big block

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Nasty 965 hp 460 Big Block 94 Cobra Mustang on NOS
Okay most of you see me as maybe a strictly Chevy guy, I've been telling people for years that I do love certain Fords. To prove it here's a video on my latest project in the garage. 460 Big Block rated at 690 hp on pump gas and 965 on a 275 shot of NOS. Previous 1/4 times before some major tuning and modifications being done was 10.8 on motor alone. We're estimating at best that we'll run 10.25 on motor and 9.3 or better on NOS. Once we take it to the track and get some official times I'll post the results. Thanks for watching. Below are some of some of the specs on the project: Suspension 90/10 struts up front 50-50 shocks in the rear Moroso drag springs Adjustable upper 4 link bars Boxed lower 4 link bars All torque boxes have been welded Sub frame connecters Fox body 8.8 Moser 31 spline axles 31 spline posi with 327 gears TA performance diff cover Weld drag lights 6 point cage Optima red top battery 6 gallon fuel safe 15/10 with new 275-50-15 m/t street slicks 15-3.5 with new 165-15 -8 line from fuel safe forward with Holley black pump Holley regulator King demon 1095 dominator Nos big shot 4500 plate with 225 jets Purge comes thru the front bumper Edelbrock intake 4150 flange with a 4150-4500 adaptor Msd billet distributor Msd digital 6 box wired to retard for Nitrous Mad blaster 2 coil Msd wires 70 small combustion chamber dove heads Crane roller rockers Comp cam over 600 lift mid 240's duration at .050 Forged flat top pistons H beam rods Milodon 8 qrt pan Hooker 2-1/4 headers 3" mandrel bent with xpipe and 1 chamber flow masters Hughes built c6 with 3200 stall

460 big block mustang
testing out my new gopro hero3 silver edition. this is a start up video of my 1986 ford Mustang notchback with a 460 big block crate motor in it. this car is fully built, stripped, caged, and ready to go. not street legal, 10 second all motor car. the camera is being recorded in the fully enclosed skeleton case on hi def 1080p. enjoy!

Ford 460 Big Block Maiden Run
Nick's Ford 460 Big Block Runs for the first time!

6 second sleeper maverick street car turbo 460 big block s475 blow thru carb
this is my best pass to date it is on 12 psi Boost 2800 rpm footbrake 2 step launch shifting around 5500 i think 12 psi in tires 36 degrees total timing pulling .8 per psi so 26.4 under Boost runing 50/50 miv 93 octane and 110 for safety but it doesn't need it at that Boost level i was trying to turn it up to 20 psi is why i put race gas in it . it is a stock ported head 74 model 460 with stock valves , block, crank, rocker arms, main caps, . it has a 950 carb shop blow tru carburator , torker 2 intake, .503 lift 276/286 duration hydraulic flat cam , 2500 stall dacco converter , all stock hard parts c6, jeep cherokee drive shaft , stock 8 inch with stock 300 gear stock axles 28 spline and $15 mini spool , running 26x8 inch slicks on steel wheels