My 07 350Z vs Z28

Me in my stock 07 350Z vs a Z28 Camaro

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350Z vs SRT-8
Me in my stock Z getting spanked by an SRT-8

1999 Camaro z28 vs Nitrous 350z
The biggest race of the YEEARRRR!!!!!!!

Tail of the Dragon 350Z in car
Following behind my friends supercharged Z24 Cavaliers on Tail of the Dragon.

Camaro Z28 SR20, TT 350z Cobra , WRX Spanking that @ss - HD
Good times - The info on these vehicles is assumed correct but its the street so god knows. My Vehicle puts down 577/546 with Nitrous.- Please check out MY CHANNEL and watch the other great videos I have uploaded. Subscribe for more future videos and thanks for watching!