Onboard Oschersleben 10.8.09 Shell Racing Gruppe 2 Suzuki SV 1000 S Teil 2

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Onboard Oschersleben 10.8.09 Shell Racing Gruppe 2 Suzuki SV 1000 S Teil 1

SV 1000 S Oschersleben 24.9. 2/2
Ich mit meiner 1000er SV am 24.9. zum ersten mal auffer Rennstrecke (Oschersleben)

2 brothers exhaust sound custom shorties on Suzuki SV1000s 2006
2006 Sv1000s with 2 bro mufflers, in my previous video I showed several in detail clips on the sound. Later on I shortened the mufflers because I think they look ridiculously long. Anyway, the results... louder than I like, but rear end looks a lot cleaner. You can actually notice the 180 tire!!! Rough step-by-step 1.) Unbolt muffler from the Exhaust pipe, should be 4 Allen bolts 2.) The adapter which connects to the pipe on the muffler is held on by rivets, around on the muffler canister. 3.) Drill the rivets out, using a similar diameter sized drill bit like the rivet size, but not too big, just enough to fit inside the imprinted hole in the rivet. 4.) When you drill the rivets out they should loosely fall out, they you will need to pry off the aluminum adapter that was mentioned in step 2. Mine was sort of stuck so I had to use a flat head screw driver to carefully pry it off, equally going around the canister in order. 5.) Inside, you will find a smaller pipe which is perforated (holes in it) It'll be wrapped in a fiberglass baffle, be careful with it when handling ,it's itchy and not good for skin. You do no need to remove any of the things inside. 6.) At this point, using a metal hack saw to cut the canister at the point where you like the length, cutting through the aluminum canister, and everything else inside, including the baffle and pipe. Be sure to cut very carefully and straight, it'll be noticeable if you don't. 7.) After cutting it off where you like it, pull out some of the fiberglass baffle, but just using a knife or something, because the aluminum adapter that is riveted on needs a bit of room, so the baffle might be in the way when you try to put it back on. Removed just about half and inch in depth of the baffle stuff. 8.) Now you can reinsert the aluminum adapter. You'll need a rivet gun and rivets from the store that are similar in size, preferably aluminum rivets. Now you can attach the canister muffler back onto the Exhaust pipe. These instructions are a bit rusty because it's been a while since i've actually done this project, but honestly, with some simple common sense, it's pretty easy.

Micron Cans on 2003 SV1000s.wmv
Took off the old stock cans that I drilled holes in the back of and put on some shiny pre loved Microns That I picked up from this cool guys from the SV forum: http://www.sv-portal.com/