Tank vs 6x6 Army recovery truck - Finally the Tank did it

www.awdc.co.uk Slab Common, Bordon, Hampshire

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Loading a PLS on a HEMMT wrecker.

M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicle -- a $2,000,000 mammoth machine
Video of how tank mechanics with 2nd Tanks help transport a damaged Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle onto a trailer. These mechanics also have the help of an M88A2 Hercules recovery vehicle -- a $2,000,000 mammoth machine which can tow up to 140 tons. A V-12, twin turbo diesel engine, main winch, and pulley on the vehicle that may go down in the combat zone. Produced by Cpl. Marco Mancha, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Also available in High Definition.

US Army Stryker Recovery.
Recovering one of our trucks after the road gave out and the truck fell in some deep water and mud. Not even 8x8 could get this 22 ton truck out.

Dump Truck Recovery - Emerald Towing
See how Emerald Towing recovers an 80,000 pound dump truck from almost 50 feet under water.