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Coyote vs CoyoteFox (blown) www.stangracing.com 1986 Coyote Foxbody Mustang Move Videos at www.stangracingproductions.com


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Coyote swap vert
Coyote swap vert

Fox Coyote swap 3" Magnaflows
This is just a quick video I made before I swapped out my drone-a-flows with the new VTMuffler from Dynamax. I'll post up the after video soon. Magnaflows sound good but were just unbearable for anything more than 20 mins in the car. Drone from 1600-2200 was pretty bad. Car has Kooks 1 3/4 Long Tubes and 3" off road X-pipe. Jon Lund tuned.

2004 mustang with coyote swap goes 11.20 @119
04 gt with a 5.0 coyote swap with longtubes and a cold air and revolution tune

FOR SALE! Coyote 5.0L Swap in a Fox Body Mustang Walk Around First Startup
HFP's Coyote coupe is now for sale! Check out our Coyote build blog for more details: http://www.highflowfuel.com/n-4027-hfp-coyote-swap-coupe-for-sale.html This is our 86 LX Coupe, with a 2011 5.0 Mustang motor from Ford Racing. For more information, and swap parts check out our blog at http://highflowfuel.com/nt-190-blog.html

Coyote powered Saleen sound check
First startup with the Magnaflow cat back Exhaust. 4V sound is very nice. I can't wait to drive it.

Street Kings Event MMP 2012
Mississippi Motorsports Park MMP Street Kings Event 2012 www.stangracing.com Teaser only Full Video www.stangracingproductions.com

Mustang Cobra chasing Fox-Body Coupe LX (Notchback)
Grab a beer and sit back, because this is a long one fellas...LOL!!! Had a request for some longer Road Racing footage and entire races, so here you go... On board as Corkran pushes the 325hp, 3,200-lb Mustang Cobra... but just can't quite catch the little Mustang (Notchback) Coupe LX towards the end... just a little more time...LOL!!! Produced by nedaCFilms & http://www.Mustang-Town.com Check out Mustang-Town on Facebook... Special thanks Frank Corkran, nasa's American Iron and Camaro-Mustang Challenge road racing series... and Ford and GM for producing years of iconic Ponycars for us all to cruise, race, love and enjoy! Now go buy American!!!

1993 Ford Mustang 5.0 LX Notchback Fox Body Test Drive Straight Pipes
Broad Auto Sales 1155-1161 Broad Street Newark, New Jersey 07114 Telephone: 973-242-2555 http://www.broadautosales.com

FOR SALE! Coyote 5.0L Swap Fox Body Mustang 1/4 Mile Pass 11.55 @ 118
HFP's Coyote coupe is now for sale! Check out our Coyote build blog for more details: http://www.highflowfuel.com/n-4027-hfp-coyote-swap-coupe-for-sale.html 11.55 @ 118 with a 1.68 60ft on MM road race suspension.

Big Head/Small Engine 5.0 Fox Body Mustang
~100K mile stock bottom end 302, re-ringed and re-bearinged back when I built this engine in 2011. Heads are Twisted Wedge 205s, intake is a Trick Flow R, with a fairly mild custom cam, all by Total Engine Airflow. 90mm TB, 97mm MAF, BBK shorty headers and Flowmaster 2.5" Exhaust all the way back. Tuned with BE/EA on a Quarterhorse. Car made 336 HP @ 6100 RPM and 323 ft-lb @ 4700 RPM (at the tire, Dynojet, SAE). It made over 300 HP from 4900 all the way through redline, and over 300 ft-lb from 3750 to 5800.

#2 Fast Grand National vs Fox Body Mustang 5.0 Countyline Dragway Drag Race 1/8 Mile
Yadrian Fox Body vs Fast Grand National Grand National 7.74 @ 99.5mph Fox Body 8.37 @ 87.7mph If these times are wrong let me know, I will update the description.

Shawn Ayers 4.67!
X275 Qualifying at Holly Springs March 9th, 2013

Fox Body Mustang with Bassani Exhaust
1993 5.0L Mustang with Bassani stainless Exhaust. Comparison video: (1) Bassani catback with baffles (2) Bassani catted x-pipe & catback with baffles (3) Bassani catted x-pipe & catback without baffles. Includes sound clips of inside the car. Stock 5.0L motor with minor bolt-ons, stock headers.

Coyote Swapped Notch
1991 Mustang Notchback, 2012 Coyote 5.0, 6 speed

Novi SC 2011 5.0 vs 408/N20 WS8 & Ported GT500, Eaton Mach vs Coyote Swap Fox ALOT MORE!
Ported/Pullied 04 Cobra vs Pullied 04 Cobra vs Pullied 04 Cobra Eaton Swapped Mach 1 vs Pullied 03 Cobra Vert Eaton Swap Mach 1 vs Ported/Pullied 04 Cobra Eaton Swap Mach 1 vs Fox Body with 2011 5.0 Swap Eaton Swap Mach 1 vs TT/25 Shot 92 300ZX 2011 5.0 GT w/ Novi 2200 vs Ported Blower 09 GT500 2011 5.0 GT w/ Novi 2200 vs 408/N20/TH350 98 WS6

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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