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Coyote Swap Fox Dr Pepper Coupe Restomod
Took out the twin turbo Boss 331 for a 3rd Coyote swap w Boost in the future. First dyne put out decent numbers but timing was down 5deg compared to the convertible that put out over 400rwhp so a little more timing and it will be above 400rwhp. Update: This stayed together about 4 days and I was reading about the new GT350 intake so that gave me the bug. I took the engine out, put in H beam rods, forged pistons, Boss 302R Exhaust cams and springs, billet oil pump, billet crank gear, ARP main studs and a GT350 intake so this thing is ready to pull to 8000 rpm with Boost to come shortly.

JMS dyno tune 86 Coyote swap Foxbody w/ Procharger p1sc 9lbs 600hp and 460tq
This is my 86 Mustang that I have put the new 2011 coyote 5.0 in. This video is actually a 590hp pull but my camera died on the 600hp pull. JMS has a video of the 600hp on their youtube page. search jmschip for more videos. This is a bone stock crate motor and Ford racing control pack. Car has a t56, 3.73 gears.

Drew's Coyote Stock Notch
Drew brought out the Notch for some shake down test runs. Listen to the car once its on the 2-Step. The 5.0's sound mean as all hell. Car was leaving with the wheels up. It's close to carrying them past the 60ft. Good job Drew of grabbing 2nd with the front end still hanging. For those of you wondering, this is a NMRA Coyote Stock class car. The car has long tube headers and a cold air intake. Other than that, bone stock. Drew shut the car down on the big end as he was used to doing this with his old NMRA Pure Street motor, hard habit to break I guess. Thanks for all of the views! I disabled the comments as I was getting sick and tired trying to monitor them.

1985 mustang coupe coyote 5.0 powered!!!!!!!
1985 coyote nmra coupe 5.0 CRE PERFORMANCE ,pbir testing hanging the wheels high!!!!!!