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Why I love my RSX TYPE-S !!!
These are the things i love about my rsx. K series is amazing , just saying SHIRTS AND HOODIES ON SALE NOW!!

RSX Type S k20-Nasty High Revving Honda-Vince's Acura/Episode5
I get a chance to drive an AMAZING Acura RSX Type-S. Click here to see why Honda hate is unnecessary. Owner's Agony episode 5 - let me know what you think. Music: Spotify: iTunes: 🎵 Ghasper 🎵 ● ● ● Keywords: Acura RSX Tuner Import k20 Honda Type-S Rice Ricer

My new daily driver! 2003 Acura RSX Type S Conversion!
So I decided to sell my corvette and get me a Acura RSX I have always wanted one of these but could never find one that wasn't abused or in great condition. After being patient and just browsing craigslist I came across this! And boy am I happy! I will do another video on this car! So stay tuned! I just got it last night and already have to replace the lip because of a dumbass trucker that didn't have his tailgate closed properly and a piece of wood hit my lip and ripped it in half! So ordered one tonight and should be here soon! After it gets here and I install it I will do the video! Here is whats done! Fully Converted 2006 front to back K20Z1 motor and trans brand nee OEM clutch new ktune shifter cables ktune shifter arm boomerang arm rest RBC intake manifold with Hondata intake gasket PLM header 3'' Exhaust 75a innovative motor mounts 3'' injen cold air intake suspension is on function form type 2 spc rear camber kits Cosmis Racing XT-006R wheels 18x9.5 offset 10 all around with brand new tires OEM H Honda Emblems OEM front type r emblem Aspec front lip with sti vlip Aspec side skirts Meugen Rear lip Pioneer Touch Screen Radio Type R momo steering wheel Si Style Pedals 6k 55w hids fog lights with yellow bulbs New NGK spark plugs i'm sure im missing stuff but this car is so clean!

Acura Turbo RSX Type S POV Driving - Great Sound!
Acura turbo RSX Type S