BURNOUTS! Datsun 1600 vs. Holden HQ Monaro GTS

http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=bnfMbMWuBTA Some randoms doing some massive burnouts. The cars are a Datto 1600 and a Holden HQ Monaro GTS. PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT THANKS. Enjoy This is a copywrited video if you take any part of this video without my permission.

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Holden HQ Vacationer - Australian TV commercial (1972)
Here's a TV commercial for the first Holden Vacationer options pack, introduced on the HQ model. Check out those extras - and the prices! Telecine transferred by James Paterson, from a 16mm film print in my collection.

Holden HQ 1/4 panel rust repair
How to replace Holden HQ rear 1/4 sections Of course this is the same for HJ, HX, HZ and WB

Chevy 350 Burnout - Australian HQ Holden 2 Door
Burnout practice going well, until the law arrives!

HQ holden 1972 308 4 speed cold tune run with headders
my hq iv bin slowly building since i was 18, i put a 308 in it, it was a factory 202 with a m20 4 speed floor change, still running the 4 speed just v8 gear in it, statesman lsd,Heavey duty driveshaft, msd 6al msd dizzy and coil,flat tops e.t.c just running the 4into 1 headders in this clip tryna tune it for beach hop.