Justin Bieber driving his Ferrari

Pretty sweet car, eh? BUT it's USHER'S ferrari! :)We love you Justin! (LL) twitter.com/yasmine9090

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Justin Bieber Stops Traffic To Confront Paparazzi! drive driving Crazy Ferrari
Justin Bieber Stops Traffic To Confront Paparazzi! drive Driving crazy Fast speed Justin Bieber Stops Traffic To Confront Paparazzi! INSTAGRAM: @dherrera175 http://www.Twitter.com/HerreraVip http://www.facebook.com/HerreraVip "Being followed by paparazzi down the streets of Los Angeles, Justin decides to confront the paparazzi face to face. At one point when Bieber stops in traffic, he has paparazzi vehicles on both sides of his car" - ETONLINE

X17 EXCLUSIVE - Justin Bieber Stops His Rolls To Chat With Larry King
Friday, January 20, 2015 - Justin Bieber has his driver stop his Rolls Royce to talk to Larry King who he spotted walking by in Beverly Hills, CA. The pop star and the legendary television host shake hands and Bieber tells King he wants to appear on his show!

Justin Bieber Driving His Batmobile
Justin Bieber driving his batmobile. SUBSCRIBE HERE for celebrity news http://bit.ly/1aUZmMa

Justin Bieber driving her chrome Fisker Karma
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! Facebook.com/JTPhotos / Instagram @speedracer38 Last week I was driving home from dropping my friend off at the airport and in the midst of all the horrible Los Angeles traffic I came across this Fisker Karma which had a chrome wrap, with tinted out windows, black wheels, and neon underglow! I couldn't believe my eyes at first seeing someone do this to a Fisker. After getting off the highway I thought about the car since it looked familiar and realized it was the one and only Justin Bieber. The chrome wrap on the car actually looked decent with the contrast of black wheels but the neon underglow was a joke! What does everyone think about the car and having neon lights on the bottom? It looked like it was only for the passenger side as well unless the driver side was broken. Please leave a comment and subscribe. Enjoy!