Volvo S80 T6 lpg 0-160km/h

Measuring the acceleration of a stock Volvo S80 T6 which runs on LPG. As you can see, the Vialle LPi system lets the car perform equal to the performance on regular petrol. On the Dynorun this car had even more torque (16Nm) and more power (2hp) on LPG, compared to the run on petrol. Probably due to the higher octane of LPG.

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Volvo S80 T6 100-220 kmh
Gentle acceleration from 100-220 Km/h

S80 T6 110-250km/h
My stock Volvo S80 T6. Sorry for the bad sound quality, it was recorded with a cell phone. Vmax of this particular car is 268km/h according to the GPS system.

Volvo S80 T6 0-220
Volvo S80 T6 Executive 2.9L 24V 6 Cilinder 272pk 380nm Twinturbo charged

S80 Volvo launch
Easy start. Full Boost on 3.gear.