Oil Pan Replacement Ford F350 Powerstroke 7.3L Diesel

This job took 5 days from start to finish. We had a good engine hoist, but could not find a strong enough engine stand. We also replaced the rear main seal as long as we had the engine out. Estimate for the job at the Ford dealer was $1940. We did it for under $200.

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Ford F350 Super Duty Powerstroke Dually Rear Brake Replacement
I needed to replace the caliper on the right side and both rotors. I installed ceramic brake pads and bled out the new caliper. The job took about 2 hours and cost just under $250.

Ford F250 6.9l IDI Diesel Cold Start 86 1986
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Starter Repair and Cold Start 1999 Ford F350 Powerstroke Diesel
The starter on this truck was turning very slowly the last time it started. About 6 months ago we tried to start it and the starter did not engage.

1986 Ford F250 6.9L Diesel 2 Years Since Last Start
I bought this truck at an auction in 1998. It was a really reliable starter and driver. 2 years ago the starter switch broke and it has been sitting since. The fuel is 2 years old too!!!