Toyota Camry Racing The Streets of Willow This Is Crazy

2011 Toyota Camry V6 SE Racing The Streets of Willow *Note this is my daily driver I took out to show it doesn't matter what car you have.* This was the final run of the day. I pass 5 cars in less than 9 mins. Tires gone, brakes gone and when I mean tires gone I actually had tread separate after this session. You can hear my drivers side tire literally coming apart. Best comment below -"Dude i saw you out there That was crazy you were eating up porsche's like it was nothing."

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Toyota Camry Production
Toyota Camry Production. Kentucky Plant Subscribe

Toyota Camry 3.5 max speed
Катился по кольцевой, проверял как в различных диапазонах разгоняется машина. Ну заодно и максималку проверил.

Audi A4 225 hp vs Toyota Camry V6 277 hp
Audi A4 2.0 Quattro 225 hp vs Toyota Camry V6 3.5 277 hp Первый старт с 50 км/ч, второй с 60 км/ч ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First race from 50 km/h, second race from 60 km/h Я на драйве:

2015 Toyota Camry V6 XSE - WR TV POV Night Drive
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