Cavalier Turbo 400hp

El Casper de Mech Tech Bayamon. En el Dyno por primera vez despues de terminarlo.

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Turbo charged 3800 V6 cavalier
This pass was somewhere in the 11.5 range at 126mph

dyno cavalier turbo 468hp 2003 4 doors 100% sleeper
cavalier turbo 468hp 2003 écotec modifié par advance.efi garrett t3-t4

405whp stock 2.2L Ecotec
Mid-engine cavalier made 462 flywheel horsepower on a 2060 lb chassis which equates to 4.46 lbs/hp

I'm Selling My 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier
Some people make responsible decisions in life. Some people find themselves mopping Hawaiian Punch onto a Chevrolet Cavalier. Clearly, I'm going places. Footage credits: Gamma Ray Burst: Evolution Animation: The Tree of Life: