Supercharged Integra

1997 Integra LS w/ SuperCharged PoorMans TypeR . $5500 ObO

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Supercharged Integra LS JRSC
JRSC at 9psi on a stock block LS, this run was the first time I ran 14.2 @ 101mph

1995 Acura Integra LS w/ Jackson Racing Supercharger 14 PSI SCCA autocross run
WARNING: WIND NOISE, lower speaker volume Third event in the SCCA 2012 year at Fresno Fairgrounds Feb 12 2012 1995 Acura Integra LS w/Jackson Racing Supercharger 14 PSI

Acura integra jackson racing supercharged!
Acura Integra DC2, jackson racing supercharged, dc sports headers, rc fuel injectors, full 2 1/2inch Exhaust.

303whp 260trq Stock block and head LS integra
16psi pump gas. Retuned later to 17psi and 328whp on a different Dyno. Still stock block and head