paradoxical gear set 1,2,3 teeth

Yes! All the gears are turning in the same direction! Visit my Website: ; for more informations (English text).

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These Gears Really Work?
From Woodworking Plans. Clayton Boyer demonstrates a variety of square, oval, pentagonal, organic and other unbelievably-shaped gears--and they really work! Woodworking plans available at

When 17 Things Line Up
A hand powered kinetic sculpture by John Lash.

Column Gear
Organization: Toyohashi University of Technology Authors: Yasutaka Takeda, Hironori Uto, Taisuke Miyake, Yuta Yoshiike, P. Ravindra S. De Silva, Michio Okada Abstract: We have developed a multi-functional and self-reconfigurable novel cybernetic Core Less Unformed Machine (COLUMN). The COLUMN is a spherical-shaped (like a soccer ball) interactive artifact consisting of eight modules which are connected to twelve servomotors. Three users can control the above servomotors by swinging the ZigBee wireless modules (Column Gear) simultaneously. Each of the users can control four servomotors and each must collaborate with the appropriate swing to obtain the COLUMNs rolling motions. Our experimental results showed that the Column Gear as an interactive interface is able to convey a users expectation for a COLUMN by obtaining rolling motion through re-configuring its modules.

Twin Rail Mobius pendant with balls! - 3D printed metal @shapeways
Info and purchasing: I designed this pendant, I call it Twin Rail Mobius - with balls! To buy the pendant, please visit you will also need to obtain some (upto 31) 6mm (1/4" works too) balls Its a kind of kinetic math art double möbius (mobius or moebius depending how you spell it) band or strip like structure with rails forming a continuous double loop ring track for ball bearings to travel around. I bought some 6mm chrome steel ball bearings and retro-fitted them. Chrome steel balls can be 'blued' by heating with a gas torch, see As a piece of jewellery, this pendant is quite large (46mm max diameter) and is more suitable for a man. Rapid Prototyping also makes use of 3D printing, but I prefer to create decorative and unusual objects. One of the benefits of 3D printing is that an item such as a mobius strip can be made without complicated tooling or destroying the master when a mould is made as the process is additive and the object is built up layer by layer. The item is literally grown from nothing! Some have asked if this is my own invention - yes it is. Others have asked if this is an illusion - no, it is not. And thank you to Assimilate71 for the comment "Escher is impressed. Nice design" :) Follow me on Twitter - ==================== A smaller version, as yet untested with 4mm balls, is available via Shapeways, see;