Street Science EVO X – Street Hits

March 30th, 2020

Not since the days of Dr. Frankenstein has the world seen a lab more out of control than the Street Science TX Lab from Texas. These aficionados in the science of speed have created a monster of an EVO X. Last night (during TX2K20), the monster broke loose from its chains and took to the streets (of Mexico). Oh, the humanity! Would this beast shred the competition or be tamed by the humility of defeat? Time to hit the street and find out.

Right out of the gate, the SSTX EVO finds itself in a 3-lane brawl between a Procharged Corvette and a turbocharged Toyota MR2. The MR2 takes the hit and jumps out early but the Vette catches up. The EVO breaks and is not a factor in this one.

Next, the potent import takes on a couple of Corvette entries – one is the AMP C7. Again, something does not go as planned in the EVO and the Corvettes walk away. This phase of the experiment has certainly not been a success. Back to the lab for this monster.

After the cameraman switches seats, the 2JZ (I-6 Toyota engine) swapped Honda S2000 takes on the turbo MR2. The MR2 gets the jump and never looks back. Whoa!

Tons more street racing action on this one – with many more quality rides.

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