Porsche 944 Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Porsche 944 12 sec run
My porsche on MC39 Dragrace where I manged to clock 12.089 on 1/4 mile with 201kmh trap speed.

Porsche 944 V8 Drag Racer
I saw this car doing practice runs at a local 1/8 mile drag strip during test and tune. It is an early 944 with a small block chevy engine. This was his first run of the ...

Porsche 944 turbo swap 1/4 mile
Full boost at 19psi , had to turn it down because my clutch is slipping bad . 12.4 run!

Porsche 944 at the Drag Strip
You may think this was a stupid idea, but what you're not really realizing is that you would be correct.

Porsche 944 Turbo showing it can drag race running a 11.73 @ 127 mph at elevation
Sid (Blown 944) racing his Turbo 944 at Bandimere Speedway (5280 elevation)

Porsche 944/LSX at WDCR SCCA Championship Event #1 6 May 2012 - FTD
Fastest time of the day with 73.150. Event was held at FedEx field, and was the largest corse that I have been on. Removed the spacers half inch spacers that ...

Porsche 944 Turbo vs Civiv CRX drag race
Porsche 944 Turbo vs Civiv CRX drag race.

Porsche 944 vs Opel Kadett C drag racing

Porsche 944 S2 - PCA Autocross Event
My friend and his '90 Porsche 944S2 at the PCA Auto-X event on May 4, 2008. This video is better quality than my last upload as-is. For better clarity click the ...

Porsche 944 AutoCross Giant Statium
AutoCross,1983 Porsche 944,October 30th,Giant stadium.

Porsche 944 drag 400m

Black Pearl Electric Porsche 4/7/13 Run 5
Fifth pass of Black Pearl, Miramar High School's Electric Porsche 944 at Street Car Drags event at Palm Beach International Raceway, April 7, 2013. 10.173 ...