Mercury Grand-Marquis Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

'06-11 Impala SS and Grand Marquis burn and drag race
'06-11 Impala SS and 1992-97 Grand Marquis burn and drag race at Kansas City International Raceway, November 27, 2011. This was one of the final runs.

Grand Marquis vs Corvette
1996 Grand Marquis vs newer Chevy Corvette at Toronto Motorsports Park.

supercharged crown victoria vs grand marquis drag race
85 grand marquis 4.6 supercharged vortech 04 police interceptor 4.6 supercharged saleen twin screw blower.

Supercharged Grandmarquis and Turbo Crown Vic

supercharged crownvic/grand marquis drag race
stock 04 p71 with an eaton blower 7psi aprox against a 86 grandmarquis aka the modbox as it has a 07 frame with a 4.6 vortech supercharger.

Modded Mercury Grand Marquis @ MIR
modded matte black mercury grand marquis at maryland international raceway. burnout and a couple runs.

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis drag race
Grand Marquis vs Camaro, Camaro stalls, Mercury wins.

Supercharged Grand Marquis vs Supercharged Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
BigNSlow vs Scruff.

The BIGGEST SLEEPER EVER - Buick LeSabre Goes NUTS with Nitrous
This 1977 Buick LeSabre that many would view as grandpa's cruiser surprised pretty much every bystander at the entire track. The car is based off of the LT1 ...

Ten Second Twins! - Mercury Marauder Massacre!!
After much struggle with video editing software, we finally bring you one of our favorite duos in recent memory. These Marauders are some of the quickest we've ...

302 gt40p mercury grand marquis
Final round win at fairview.

90 Grandmarquis vortec supercharged at the track