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Ford Focus pursuit by police in Russia


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Russian Police on my Dashcam compilation
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NEW scary police chase +shooting in Russia!!

Погоня ДПС за BMW X5 со стрельбой
На видео погоня ДПС за преступником за рулем BMW X5 в Подмосковье Россия. Уходя от преследования водитель внедорожника совершает аварию - наезд на пешеходов, после чего сотрудники ДПС открывают огонь из табельного оружия. Редкое по динамичности видео, советую! http://www.razborka-moskva.ru - разборка BMW, недорогие оригинальные запчасти б/у. On video a pursuit of traffic police of the criminal at the wheel BMW X5 in Moscow suburbs Russia. Leaving from prosecution the driver of an off-road car makes failure - arrival on pedestrians then employees of traffic police open fire from a government-issue weapon. Rare on dynamism of video, I advise!

Ford Focus - Лада.Смерть на дуэли
Ford Focus - Лада.Смерть на дуэли

Russian police vs Russian police ??
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Russian police officer shoots at car wheel

Анти-Тестдрайв: Ford Focus 3 2.0 150 л.с. - [TheWikihow - авто шоу]
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видео не мое

How Police Stop Cars in Russia
Amazing how they did not even come with an idea to put speed limit sign.

Police Chase Bradford Ford Focus
Guy takes a chase in a Silver Ford Focus in Bradford. Nearly dusts him! Awesome Driving!

Ferrari Crash Camera car view
Incidente ripreso dal camera car. a bordo di una Ferrari 430, senza nessuna conseguenza per pilota e passeggero

Секонд Тест Ford Focus II
Смотрите "Главную Дорогу" каждую субботу на НТВ !

Crazy police chase in Russia! NEW

Metropolitan Police - Two Vauxhall Astras, Ford Focus & Ford Transit Responding To Emergency Call
Four vehicles from the Metropolitan Police responding to an emergency call towards Buckingham Palace. The first 3 being from Charing Cross Police Station turning out together and the last one being a Safer Transport Command car. I did not notice the Police horses on the right and their riders assisting in allowing the cars through or what looked like the Transits passenger waving. I nearly got wiped out by the Transit lol and I was on the path! This video was taken with a Panasonic TZ7.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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