Ford Focus pursuit by police in Russia

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Do You Speak English? -Yes, Sure
The guys from Russia exceeded the speed limit and decided to speak in English with a Ukrainian policeman. They were sure that he does not understand English and just let go and they will not have to pay a fine. But ... 0:00 - Cops! Look ... - Ohhh, come on. Are you kidding me? 0:04 - What do they want from us? - OK... I've exceeded the speed limit, so what? - Crap! Why? We are in a foreign country... 0:10 - Oh come on... Let's trick him in English, you know they are dumb. - Wow, right! Talk to him in English, yeah? 0:16 - Ok, just don't giggle! - I won't! And you try not to! 0:29 - Road Police Sergeant Kolomiets. Please show your IDs. 0:36 - IDs! IDs! IDs! Do you understand me? IDs! 0:45 - STOP! One moment! 0:54 -- Good day! Road Police Senior Inspector Kucher 1:57 - Okay, let's issue you some tickets... ✔SUBSCRIBE ✔Car Crash Compilations

Russia: Riot police clash with Roma protesting gas lines in Tula
A stand-off between the police and utility workers against members of the Roma community took place in Plekhanovo, Tula, on Thursday. Violence broke the day before as Roma tried to sabotage repairs to the gas lines. Video ID: 20160317-012 Video on Demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook: LiveLeak: Vine: Instagram: YouTube: DailyMotion:

Russian Cops Don't Mess Around!
Russian Cop Punching Out Car Window TWITTER:

Russian Police Pull over in Moscow (view from suspect's dashcam)
Video from internet by unknown user © Moscow traffic police pull over with gun.