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DIY: BMW E39 Headlight Lens Removal (Pre Facelift)
Video tutorial on how to remove the outer headlight lens from the headlight assembly on a BMW E39 body style pre-facelifted version found between the years ...

BMW E46 Headlight Disassembly
A tutorial & instructional video on how to disassemble BMW E46 3 Series Headlights.

BMW Bluetooth Pairing
Tutorial of 2011 BMW M3 (Same on most other BMW Models) How to pair your cell phone with the car and how to bluetooth stream your music from your phone ...

Philips X-Treme & Crystal Vision Ultra Replacement Halogen Headlights | OEM vs Philips Bulbs
Replace your current headlights with Philips X-Treme & Crystal Vision Ultra Halogen Headlights. They are designed for high output and excellent visibility.