Kongskilde para plow 4 leg

Case 140 pulling Konskilde para plow. Working at about 40cm to 50cm.

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Yeomans Plough Demonstration
Yeomans Plough demonstration by Diamondvale Pasture & Farm Improvements www.diamondvalestud.com.au

Hard Ground Compaction means Chisel plow tripping
This is why you do not no-till farm ground for 20 years with 350bushel capacity combines and 1500 bushel grain carts. A 5 shank 915 John Deere V ripper tied onto an 8630 with 50 series motor with 300 horse pulling in A3. Notice the 30.5 flex as the ripper tries to get ahold of the compacted ground. There are 1500 lbs wheel weights on the inside of the front wheels.

CaseIH 1594 with Paraplow
CaseIH David Brown 1594 (1987) with a Howard Paraplow

Miscanthus Rhizome Undercut Plow.wmv
Rhizome Undercut lift plow used to fracture the soil for easier Rhizome harvesting. Designed, built and sod by Sprigger's Choice, Inc.