Computer Animation - Maid of the Loch Steam Engine

The Maid of the Loch is currently undergoing a complete renovation and this sequence was produced as an educational aid whilst the engine is rebuilt. The Loch Lomond Steamship Co. is a registered Scottish Charity. See my other movie - 'Maid of the Loch Computer Animation'.

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SHOP TIPS #208 Machining Tiny Brass Steam Engine Fittings pt 2 tubalcain Mr pete shows how to machine tiny brass pipe fittings from PM RESEARCH to be used on model steam engines.

The ST05G Stirling Engine Project (Part 1)
Schematics and Applications of the ST05G Stirling Engine drafted by

School Project Steam Engine / Dampfmaschine
Beware: This is a school project led by a teacher, not a project a student can prepare and do on their own! (unless you are very skilled in physics and metal work) Assembling of the steam engine is shown in the fourth quarter of the video. We built (well...assembled) steam engines as a school project in a class of children with german as a second language. The exercise shown - naming all the parts of this steam engine - is to train pronunciation (pronunciationwise German is quite difficult for some). The steam engine shown was first introduced by german company Kosmos somewhere around 1935 as a physics workshop (a box containing parts and instructions for a plethora of physics experiments). Kosmos still sells books, games and science workshops - but none as good as this one: They discontinued this particular kit sometime in the seventies and spare parts are hard to get. There's a vibrant market for these sets on german eBay though, and they sell for 30-40 € (search for "Kosmos Technikus Experimentierkasten"). Construction of the valve mechanism is tricky and requires some technical expertise and either suitable tools - a metal working lathe for instance - or ingenuity and dexterity paired with a DREMEL. I prepared a zip-file with photographs and sketches if you want to build your own engine. Downloadable here (my Dropbox): Using these instructions, theReyes2603 has built his own steam engine. Here's the link to a video of his engine: user MarekSHayward built his own version based on this version; his video can be seen here: The music is "Dimokransa" by Mayra Andrade.

Walschaerts valve gear
My model of Walschaerts valve gear some parts are imaginary and some are impossible to assemble, but it represents basic idea. Special thanks to Bryan (2nd Class Steam Engineer) who provided me with some useful scans. Sounds are from: May 2013 Update: Recently I got a request for files/parts used to make this video so here they are: ring