Mitsubishi Eclipse Vs. Honda Accord

Mitsubishi Eclipse races a Honda Accord on the York Circuit

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Ghostly Movement in Dining Room
After a few constant nights of hearing noises downstairs I decided to let my camera record for the night to see what was making the cat or something else. Even though there were no noises my chandelier in the dining room moved a few times. I still believe it was the wind even though ALL the windows in the house were closed and. Whether you think this is real or fake it creeped the sh*t out of me and from now on I wont be a hero to find out what the noises were.

Tipping a Soda Machine
A soda machine gets tipped over after it does not accept the money of a few thirsty people. ***NOTE*** Just because this video is on my youtube account it does not mean I or anybody I know took part in it

Your Calling Us the Jabbawokeez
Idk...just listen

Punk Ricer Talks Up His Friends Eclipse
This ricer talks about the car like its his.