Jane's Saddlebag excitment next door Boone h2o Rescue

Poor guy, he backed his 2007 Toyota Tundra quad cab into the creek to unload his boat and it knocked out of gear, into the creek, really far. Only the hood was showing. Do not do this with your new truck.

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Haitian river crossing
Crossing the river near Montrouis where the bridge was washed away

Road Rage GONE WRONG in Colorado (Must Watch!!!)
This very nice old man that tried to kill us lied and filed a false police report so my dad asked me not to put the audio in the video in hopes of getting him to perjure himself in court. The police did not want to see the dash cam. They said to show it to the judge. ***UPDATE*** My dad went to court and the assistant district attorney quickly dismissed the ticket the cop gave him as a result of this very nice old man filing a false police report. Isn't filing a false police report a felony? Just asking not trying to stir up trouble for this very nice old man. :) I will update again once the legal matter is over.  Yo StopTheBoom here hope you guys enjoyed! If you could take 5 seconds out of your day to press that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button, that would be very appreciated. HOPE YOU ENJOYED Music: Taps By: Daniel Butterfield  FOR USE OF VIDEO CONTACT MY EMAIL StopTheBoomPlayMC@gmail.com

F250 Destruction
When a noobie off-roads his new 2015 F250 and hits slick mud for the first time.

Rambo's truck gettin pulled out @ RYC 04/02/11
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