Vin Diesel Can't Drive!

Who would have thought that the face of the "Fast and Furious" franchise is actually one of the worst drivers we've ever seen?

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Paul Walker: The Hottest Liar of ALL TIME
Paul Walker claims it's not him in the new Cool Water commercial- but we'd recognize those dreamy blue eyes anywhere.

Chris Brown -- Worst Neighbor Ever?
Chris Brown is really making his mark in his neighborhood...literally. The 24 year old rapper has infuriated neighbors by graffiti tagging his house and having loud parties. Grow up Peter Pan...

Justin Bieber to Photog: "I'll Beat the **** Out of You!"
Justin Bieber went absolutely nuts and tried to FIGHT a photographer in London. Brace yourself, Beliebers... this is gets INTENSE. Click ‘SHOW MORE’ for related content … Justin Bieber: Drama In Paris Orlando Bloom Throws Punch at Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Deposition -- Vulgar Attack on Court Reporter Justin Bieber EGGS His Neighbor's House Justin Bieber Whoops a Photographer's A**! Subscribe! TMZ -- Subscribe! TMZ Sports -- Subscribe! toofab -- NEED MORE? Like us on! Facebook -- Follow us! Twitter -- Follow us! Tumblr -- TMZ on iOS -- TMZ on Android --

Kanye West Slams Head on Sign
Kanye West went into a full rage on photogs after he walked into a street sign while on an afternoon stroll with Kim Kardashian. Clearly the guy didn't read the "sign"...