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330ci vs RX-8 (with mods)

Me(stock 330ci) racing a modified rx8 with headers, full Exhaust, tune and intake.


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Audi s3 vs Bmw 330ci
Audi s3 stage 2 ~270cv vidée 2 pers///////330ci silencieux admi e85 ~230cv vidée 1 pers. Depart a 40 330ci en 1,Audi s3 en 2. Route fermée.

330ci vs altima

RX-8 v.s bmw 330i
rx-8 doesnt know that bmw wanted to race but still kills bmw by 1/1/2 car

Mazda RX-8 4.777 final gear - vasilis23
accelerating with a Mazda RX-8 Cosmo with many mods...The most important is the 4.777 final gear which really transforms the acceleration of the car...

330 vs type r
my e46 330ci vs my freinds type r ep3, this clip is the usual outcome when we race, both cars are stock, rolling srart 2nd gear 40mph till bout 130ish, please comment

RX8 vs S2000
RX8 vs S2000 race

330d 230HP vs 330ci 272HP
330ci (ET: 15,06) vs 330d touring (ET: 15,60). Wet surface.

My E46 Tuned 330ci VS 335i Stock (306PS) 100-200Km/h Roll On
My 330ci Mods: Performance Headers - Straight down pipes - Sport Muffler - K&N air intake - ECU remap (20+bhp, 20+Nm, throttle responsiveness+, speed limit removed) - Electric engine fan. 330ci : 14.7s -- 335i: 14.3s

BMW 330Ci vs. Mazda RX8
BMW 330Ci vs Mazdas ultimate Rotary Rocket. Is that really all?

330ci vs type r top speed
my 330ci vs my freinds type r ep3, 2nd gear rolling start 40mph to 155mph, bad start for me so ive uploaded another video of the usual outcome on my page, please see and comment

Here we have a BMW 330ci that we dyned stock making 100kw's at the wheels,then added the following mods, - Hand biult Exhaust system - K&N Filter - Intake modifications - Custom Tune To suit - The Above mods netted 133rwkw's,thats a 33kw /45hp gain at the wheels,if you study the torque graph,you can see a vast increase in torque,these BMW's are real lazy down low and mid rpm range.With the extra torque this vehicle felt great on the road makeing it real responsive right thru the rev range,especially thru low and mid rev range.Driving this car before and after,it was quite a significant difference as it felt like a totally different vehicle with razor sharp throttle response !

BMW E46 330ci vs BMW E46 328i
bmw e46 330ci vs 328i

sur route fermée toujour

BMW E46 330ci Manuel vs VW Scirocco TSI DSG (SuperChips) Rolling & Drag ᴴᴰ
BMW E46 330ci Manual (SmokeSilver) Driver: #07 Orhan AKBAHAR Car Spec's: (231Hp) Stock. VW Scirocco TSI DSG (Black) Driver: Deniz TURAN Car Spec's: (160Hp) SuperChips Stage I ECU Uprage SuperSprint Cat Back Exhaust, MMPower Racer Team ©2012 MMPower Videos HD (mustafa@mmpowergarage.com) ©2012 Music By Nazif (nazif@mmpowergarage.com) http://mmpowergarage.com/ http://facebook.com/MMPowerGarage/

BMW 540i vs. 330Ci @ Autobahn 57 | Kleve ri. Düsseldorf | Tempo 200 - 250
(NL) op de snelweg vanaf 200 volgas accelererend met een E46 330Ci (231pk) met SMG-semi automatische versnellingsbak versus E39 540i (286pk) met Steptronic 5-traps automaat tot ca. 250 km/u. Snelle maar veilige rit! (D) auf der Autobahn von Tempo 200 Vollgasbeschleunigung mit einem E46 330Ci (231ps) mit SMG halbautomatischen Automatikgetriebe vs E39 540i (286ps) mit Steptronic 5-Gang-Automatikgetriebe, bis ca. 250 km/h. Schnelle und sicheren fahrt! (EN/GB) on the highway from 200 accelerating with full throttle with a E46 330Ci (231bhp) with SMG semi-automatic gearbox vs. 540i E39 (286bhp) Steptronic 5-speed automatic transmission to about 250 km/h. Fast but safe driving! (I) in autostrada da 200 accelerare a pieno gas con un E46 330Ci (231cv) SMG con cambio semi-automatico vs E39 540i (286cv) Steptronic a 5 marce automatico a circa 250 km/h. Veloce ma sicuro! (F) sur l'autoroute à partir de 200 accélérant à plein régime avec une E46 330Ci (231ch) avec SMG boîte de vitesses semi-automatique vs E39 540i (286ch) Steptronic à 5 vitesses de transmission automatique à environ 250 kilomètres par heure. Rapide, mais en toute sécurité!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1987 Subaru RX Turbo Leone (Aust): 12.520 @ 105.000
Peter Healy, Engine: Subaru EJ20T Libetry Spec, Turbos: IHI VF22 Tires: Mickey Thompson ET (rear)

2001 BMW 330Ci AA: 12.776 @ 105.830
Ryo, Engine: M54B30, Supercharger: Rotrex C38-81 Turbos: N/A Tires: Cooper RS3

2001 BMW 330Ci : 12.858 @ 103.950
PEI330Ci, Engine: 3.0L Inline 6, Tires: 26

2001 BMW 330Ci AA: 13.073 @ 104.450
Ryo, Engine: M54B30, Supercharger: Rotrex C38-81 Turbos: Stock Tires: Cooper RS3

2001 BMW 330Ci ZSP: 13.689 @ 99.960
Julio, Engine: m54b30, Tires: 255/40r17 sumitomo htrz

2005 BMW 330Ci ZHP: 13.974 @ 100.330
John, Engine: ecis intake,

2001 BMW 330Ci Headers and Exhaust: 14.300 @ 99.210
SWINFORD, Engine: M54B30, Tires: General Exclaim 255/35 Rear 235/40 Front

2004 BMW 330Ci coupe: 14.976 @ 93.810
Eric Chang, Tires: Yokohama AVS sport

2003 BMW 330Ci : 15.263 @ 92.060
Scott, Engine: Stock, Tires: 205 50 vr 17 Goodyear RSA

2002 BMW 330Ci : 15.322 @ 91.440
Joanne, Engine: Stock, Tires: Continental

2005 BMW 330Ci Convertible with Performance package: 15.430 @ 97.000

2003 BMW 330Ci : 15.520 @ 92.850
Rob, Tires: 225/45 R 17

1985 Subaru RX Leone 4WD Turbo RX: 16.138 @ 85.210


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