Vrod Vmod Exhaust Sound

My 2004 V-Rod with V-Mod Slip ons - Oh Yeah!

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V-Rod VMOD Exhaust Sound, Custom Tuned, Best Sound
Do it yourself V-ROD Exhaust modification, with restrictor plate, equals best sound.

drilled out exhaust on vrod loud
All the info you need http://www.1130cc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35835

Motor Cycle Monthly: Harley V-Rod Custom Exhaust Upgrade by Mark Daynes
Want a set of loud pipes for your Harley V-Rod for less than £150? It's now possible thanks to a man in a shed in deepest Norfolk who has come up with an ingenious solution to the old problem of making a V-Rod sound like a proper Harley should without breaking the bank. Retired road racer Mark Daynes -- owner of a very customised and loud Harley big twin -- literally couldn't believe his ears when he heard the muffled sound from his wife's new V-Rod. Mark has come up with some slash-cut turn out pipes which can be either turned out or down, depending on your preference. Fitting is simple. Undo the two clamps on the factory-fit silencers, undo three retaining bolts and with a yank or two they will come off. Before sliding on the shorties -- which are beautifully engineered from stainless steel -- make sure the pipe on your bike is free from rust or crud. A couple of rubs with wire wool, a smear of Exhaust paste and a few taps with a rubber hammer...it's that easy. Word of warning! They are such a good fit that it pays to get them positioned right first time. As a belt and braces measure the pipes are tapped with a small bolt which locks on to the V-Rod pipe. This can't be seen and the result is a far better looking 'silencer' that really suits the lines of the header pipes. Our Harley fuels fine without the need for re-mapping and Mark has had no complaints from happy customers on this front either. Oh, and they are about ten kilos lighter than the originals! See more: http://www.mslmagazine.co.uk & http://www.motorcyclemonthly.co.uk To find Mark's pipes, go to: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/maxdogbevo/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25

Vrod Exhaust - VMOD 11.mp4
Harley Davidson 2007 VRSCAW Vrod with stock silencers converted by V-MOD.com Sent by me from Scotland to V-mod in Cedarburg, WI, USA on Wednesday morning, arrived there on Friday morning, and on Friday afternoon I received an email informing me the job had been done and they were on the way back to Scotland. Great job and would definately recomend the guys at V-mod to anyone considering this modification.