VW Karmann Beetle Cabriolet international clubs Harrogate '09

VW Karmann, Beetle Cabriolet Clubs international weekend tour Harrogate 2009

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Classics Revealed: The Original Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
( http://www.TFLcar.com ) An Original Volkswagen Beetle Convertible is a rare car indeed. Well at least rare when it comes to the classic VW Beetle. While they build over 300,000 of first generation Beetle convertibles, they built over 21 million of the same basic car but with a hard top. Recently Volkswagen rolled out the 3rd generation of the iconic Beetle at the LA Auto Show but at the same time they brought some of the original convertibles to California. In the exclusive TFLcar video we drive an original 1979 1500 cc fuel injected model that had only 250 miles on the clock when we took the wheel. In fact this museum car from Germany is a time machine straight from the factory floor.

1979 VW Beetle Convertible
1979 VW Beetle Convertible

Classic VW Super Beetle Bug Restoration, By lastchanceautorestore.com
Another ground up restoration on a 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible by Last Chance Auto Restore.com Thanks for watching!

Classic VW Bugs Build-A-Bug Testimonial 1962 Beetle
http://www.ClassicVWbugs.com This is a short video of the delivery of one of our Build-A-Bugs. Video was shot by the new owner on his iphone.