94 4Runner: Rear Axle Positioning (08/12/11)

Well, I got the spring hangers cut off Beastie today, then I welded them to the 4runner frame. Moved the axle 4" forward, and set the shocks, brake lines, shackles, everything up just perfectly! also centered the tire in the wheel well! Then I ran the rear brake lines, got them all tied in. I need to rebuild a rear caliper though, Ill do a video on how to do that soon. I also started on wiring. I got the fuel tank wiring all figured out! now I just need to fix the small leak in the tank ffs... I need to put another leaf spring up front to level the truck out once the engine and stuff is in her. She's sitting level right now, and i have a TON of weight to put back into her... 80% in the front though haha Thanks for Watching! p.s. who read everything this time?

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94 4Runner: She Rolls Now! (Axles and Wheels Installed!) (08/11/11)
Well, despite my stitches, i worked on the 4runner. im stubborn as frig haha! I did it all without lifting too! not bad. I got the rear axle under the springs, installed the ubolts, then jacked it up and bolted the tires on! awesome! I have a seized caliper on the back though... So i have a few little things i need to do. Gotta move the spring hangers forward about 5" as well to center the axle and line up the shock tabs! Thanks for Watching!

94 4Runner: Solid Front Axle + Crossover Steering Setup! & Poor Beastie :( (08/08/11)
Well, I got the motor yanked out first thing, before I started recording... I didnt have a good morning, and didnt want to be angry on the vlog, so i waited till i calmed down a bit... Then i got the front axle out from under Beastie, and slid under Beastie 2.0! Got it in, but it took a little longer than I had hoped. By then, it was just too hot, so i had to take a break! As soon as the sun went down, I started tearing the rear axle out. Its almost ready to go in. I just have to pick up some u-bolts tomorrow and then build some custom leaf packs... Though, most of tomorrow is going to be spent wrenching on my Mom's motor home/camper van thing... Thanks for Watching!

How to Change the Rear Spring Hanger on a Ford Bronco
The is how you change the rear spring hanger on a ford bronco. Expect a days work, lots of cursing and broken tools. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeekendHandymen-420780474617450

3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner Project Build: Rear Axle Seal Part 1
We will start this 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner (1998) project in the garage by replacing the rear axle seal and all of the components that are affected while we have the 4Runner torn apart. Part 1 focuses on the removal of the axle and all of the components, such as drum brakes, brake lines, parking brake cables, and much more. Part 2 will focus on re-installing all of these components. The parts with the * in front require a machine press to be installed. *Rear Wheel Bearing *Rear Wheel Seal, Outer Rear Wheel Seal, Inner *Rear ABS Ring *Rear Bearing Retainers: This is the important piece for the seal Rear Axle O-Ring I purchased the Inner Seal, O-Ring, and ABS ring from the Toyota dealer. The rest of the equipment I bought from auto part stores. I big confidence Boost that pushed me to take this challenge on myself came from the very informative rear axle seal thread over at Toyota-4Runner.org Forums: http://www.toyota-4runner.org/3rd-gen-t4rs/67299-rear-axle-seals-ultimate-i nformation-replacement-thread-3rd-gen.html Hopefully this video is entertaining and inspires you to get out and into the garage! Disclaimer The content provided in this video is for informational and entertainment use only. Video content is provided at the viewers own risk and the viewer will not hold the parties involved in creating, producing or delivering this information liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting in any way from any errors in or omissions from the information.