Walter Röhrl in his Audi Sport Quattro S1 - The most amazing onboard ride (Original Rallye Footage!)

Ausschnitt von dieser DVD: Walter Röhrl drives the Audi Sport Quattro S1.

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Audi S1 last Flight with Walter Röhrl in Pikes Peak + Imsa extra
S1 letzter offizieller Ausflug + Imsa Extra

INSANE Audi Quattro Sport S1 1000 Lakes Group B Rally (Pure Engine Sound)
This is my favorite car of all time the monstrous S1 the sound the speed is like no other !!!

Terrific Onboard Hillclimb Audi S1 (Original Walter Röhrl)
Audi Quattro Sport S1 at Hillclimb Arosa 2014 Driver: Harald Demuth

Walter Röhrl / W.D. Ihle - Audi Sport Quattro S1 (E2) - rallylegend 2010 - Onboard SS7 Piandavello u. IHLE Motorsport präsentieren ein "Onboard-Special" von Walter Röhrl / Wolf-Dieter Ihle auf dem Audi Sport Quattro S1 bei der rallylegend San Marino 2010. (SS7 Piandavello)