Rusty Bridges Street car shootout Finals. Stock 5.3 LS motor turbo truck versus turbo supra 67mm turbo, stock computer, 60lb injectors, stock 5.3 junkyard motor, dry shot of Nitrous, non-intercooled. Powerglide with 3.08 rear gears. www.RacecarsINC.net

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Turbo S10 wild rides, stock 5.3 shortblock
A couple of videos of the stock shortblock 5.3 S-10 making high Boost runs at the attempt of the stock bottom end record for LS series motors.

Worlds quickest STOCK LS based Motor
The turbo 5.3L Fairmont run's it's new best track time, which is quite possibly THE FASTEST stock LSX motor on earth!

8 Second Turbo CHEVY-STANG Sweeps Street Class!
Not only does this Fox have your everyday, run of the mill LSX swap...these guys strapped on an 88mm turbo and decided to run high 8's in the 1/4 mile to seal the Street Racer Class victory at BOTH SCT Nashville and SCT Indianapolis events! These junkyard 5.3L swaps never get old, check this thing out!

Junkyard 5.3 in LTD running 9's
Just some easy passes on 235 drag radials and thru 6 mufflers ;)