2013 GT500 vs Cammed L99 Camaro


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Cammed fbo 5th gen Camaro L99 vs modded ctsv wagon
Dig race 0-130, modded built 5th gen 447 rwhp stock bottom end vs 2012 Caddy fbo cammed ctsv wagon 674 rwhp (stock heat exchanger).

street racing zero tolerance
Nat geo in Kent Washington on Street racing. Is your car in here???? One of my old cars is.I'm not the one driving it in this video i sold it after i stoped street racing.

2013 Shelby Cobra GT500 - Lethal Performance
At Palm Beach International Raceway last night, filmed the Lethal Performance 2013 Shelby Cobra GT500. They were extremely close to breaking into the 9's. We know it is equipped with a Wilson Pro-Flow Nitrous kit, however, no mod list or horsepower numbers have been released yet, we will update when we get the information.

1sickC6 vs Snkbyt Jr
C6 won