Nissan 350Z / Autocross Driver Cam competitors with their machines go head to head in a high performance shootout. One person walks away victorious and the other a loser. It's not just the competitor's pride on the line; each represents hoards of enthusiasts loyal to their marque.

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Man vs. man, car vs. car, and forum vs. forum. A 2011 Ford Mustang GT representing goes head to head in a high performance shootout with a 2003 Nissan 350Z representing Forum vs. forum - watch the ACTION!

Heads/Cam LS1 Nissan 350Z

2013 CKR SCCA Points Event #1 Nissan 350Z
Central Kentucky Region SCCA Autocross Points Event #1 in a 2003 Nissan 350Z. 4/28/2013

350z JWT C8 Cams 11:1 compression OBX long tube headers to ebay HKS exhaust Revving