Nissan 350Z / Autocross Driver Cam competitors with their machines go head to head in a high performance shootout. One person walks away victorious and the other a loser. It's not just the competitor's pride on the line; each represents hoards of enthusiasts loyal to their marque.

More Videos... sneak peek Mustang GT vs Nissan 350Z
Catch a sneak peek of episode 7 2011 Ford Mustang GT vs 2003 Nissan 350Z in season 2 of!

350z vs 350z drag race
2003 Nissan 350z 287hp vs 2008 Nissan 350z 306hp 287hp wins :) Bikernieki drag strip, Riga, Latvia, 02.07.2010

Why Dream Cars? AMG SLK55 Nissan 350Z
I've owned Jaguar V12, Trans Am, Z28 and more than a dozen other cars, today I drive a Toyota XRS, but I still dream. ps the car I miss the most is the Z28.

Corvette Burnout- Royal Purple
corvette burnout sponsored by royal purple