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Resetting the Tire Pressure Monitoring System transmitters on a C5 (1997-2004) Chevy Corvette using nothing but a magnet and your own wits - It's easy and fun! If you can't find a ring magnet locally, here's an inexpensive suggestion from Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1IV2FEw

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Retreiving & Clearing Codes on a 1997-2004 C5 Corvette
Learn how to access the dash information center on a 1997-2004 C5 Corvette. With access to the DIC, C5 Corvette owners can read and clear codes in a matter of seconds. Watch how we do just that on this Corvette.

C5 Corvette DIC codes, service tire monitor system
Just a quick tall of what I've experience with my c5. You may have the same issue and maybe this will help.

How To Re-Set TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitor System. DIY
Re-set your Tire Pressure Monitor System. Simple Easy. Takes about 5 minustes. Chevy Express Van - 2008 - Loaded with Electronics. Step By Step instruction. Apple Drains Drainage Contractors www.AppleDrains.com

1997 Corvette Tire Pressure Sensor Battery Replacement Tutorial/Video Part 1
How to remove epoxy and replace the battery in a Tire Pressure Sensor Part 1