How to get your car out of the snow without a shovel

Subaru legacy vs. a few feet of snow. Tires are a few year old regular all seasons, nothing special.

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NO SHOVELING!! Subaru Plowing out of (30"+ Snow) Snowzilla!!
Trying to get my '96 Subaru Impreza Wagon out of the non-plowed parking lot. Tried to see how it would do without shoveling. I ended up getting a little further but decided not to strain the 350k mile car lol Car is stock height on Cooper Winter Tires

How to correct a slide on an icy road (and how to prevent them) - Winter driving education
Educational winter driving video about preventing dangerous vehicle slides on icy roads, and what to do if one happens. Learn what to do when icy roads threaten and how to correct an oversteer slide. Includes videos of actual accidents captured on camera. Learn more at Copyright Dan Robinson. Music licensed from Music Bakery.

Tips on Getting Your Car Unstuck in Deep Snow
Who's gotten their car stuck over the last couple weeks?🙋🏼❄️ Here are some tips to get your car out when the snow strikes again ⛄️

My 09 Subaru Outback "stuck" in snow