EFCM 2012 : ex - Jebat (ZC TWINCAM) VS ef - BOY (VTEC SINGLE CAM)

EFCM 2012 Drag Day Category D. Sh4 zc twin cam jebat vs ef vtec single cam boy. Round 2.

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Civic 1.6 sohc vtec + multiple + Cold Air Intake 3
a 132 mph Aislefoo knot: gordian

Project Import: ZC Dual Cam All Motor in EF Wagon 12:1 Crespo Cams
Start up, untuned, ZC Dual Cam All Motor in EF Wagon. Skunk 2 intake manifold (CNC'd to fit), Custom built header, JG 65mm throttle body, etc. For info contact us www.projectimport.com

Nyce1s Clips - David Marks True Street Turbo Civic @ NSCRA 2011 Round 2!!!
Here is David Marks and his Honda Civic 4 Door as he ran in the True Street Class at the NSCRA Palm Beach event!! Checkout Nyce1s @ http://www.facebook.com/nyce1s !! Checkout more videos @ http://www.nyce1s.com/forum !!!

95 Civic Turbo D16
My 95 Civic coupe D16z6 w/wiseco and eagle setup Garrett 60-1 turbo Mini ramhorn manifold Bisi 3.6 cam Music credit: Slightly Stoopid-Castles of Sand