rat rod wippet

rat rod rute 65

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Making Wide Whitewalls for the ratrod
This was a little scary but fun. Nice to make something like this yourself..

Another Crazy Burnout
This guy leaves his tires on the pavement.

Rat Rod Badug
Lady Lucky Bug - mais um projeto BadBug em parceria com a FF Motorcycles / Teritório Custom na fase final de construção! Saiba mais: http://www.badbug.com.br

41 Chevy Radical Hotrod Truck by CHUCKLES GARAGE
There is a slideshow of this truck finished....check my other vids. Visual tour. CHUCKLES GARAGE. 1941 chevy longbed 3/4 ton truck that was used during WW2 by the USAF. Still has the markings. Truck sits on a custom frame that is z'd 8" in the front and 18" out back. Truck is fully bagged front and rear, the front bags are hidden inside the front crossmember. Truck has a 468 big block chevy and a turbo 400 trans. Chop is a slight 7.5" angle chop. Tires are 6.00 16's in the front and 8" hurst cheaters in the rear. The only things remaining from the original truck is the cab, bed, hood, front axle, and part of the grille. The grille was heavily modified to look more like a 39.