#1901 Edelbrock Quadrajet Stage "2"

Carburetor Mike's Stage "2" Quadrajet This is my Stage 2 configuration of the Edelbrock Quadrajet #1901. Through trial and error I've dialed in the jetting and circuit timings especially for the Boss Hoss Motorcycle. The baseline Carburetor was a Edelbrock #1901 Quadrajet. It now has many modification which go way beyond a mere jetting change. This combination took a Dyno mounted Alum. 434 Small Block to an output of 485HP. The engine in this video, Is a ZZ4 with a larger than stock cam. Ported and Polished Heads, 1.6 Roller Rockers, Port match intake and headers. Those who have gotten one of these Stage 2 carbs. Report that their Bikes have never run like they do now. They report it has a better all around performance with an extremely sharp and crisp off Idle response, a strong W.O.T. and an increase in fuel mileage, from 4-6 MPG if they take it easy. I also have a combination for the Edelbrock #1910 that are mounted on the 502 cid Big Blocks. As you will see in the video. It is very important to have the choke wired open or a manual control on it, if left disconected the choke will fall in when you open it up. That is why it returned onto the fast idle the one time. These carbs would work well on any Hot Rod that has some gear in them. And with the stock Choke Pull-off they would run great on a stock car or truck as well. carburetor.mike@netzero.com

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Detailed Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuild Classic G-Body Garage
The most detailed how-to quadrajet carburetor rebuild. CLASSIC G-BODY GARAGE is your official Automotive G-Spot for ALL 78-88 G-Body cars including: Cutlass, Malibu, El Camino, Caballero, Grand Prix, Regal, Monte Carlo and Bonneville. Whether your a G-Body owner or want to own, have questions or problems with your G-Body, this is your outlet! Enjoy this group as you enjoy your G-Body! NEED OR SELL PARTS? EMAIL CALL OR TEXT 440-781-9018 Join the CLASSIC G-BODY GARAGE FACEBOOK GROUP! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1468460740084238/

New Edelbrock Carb Fail Ruins 1967 Pontiac GTO Performance Motor
New Edelbrock carb fail destroys brand new engine with less than 2 hours run time. Stuck float causes gas overflow which corrupts the engine oil, eating babbetts away in moments and ruining a built performance engine. Edelbrock - when called - does't care one iota. Says it must be another associated component that's bad. HOW CAN IT BE, EVERYTHING FROM THE FUEL TANK TO THE MOTOR IS NEW. EVERY COMPONENT IN THE MOTOR IS NEW. Carb worked fine at first, second, and third starts, approximately 2 hours of run time. Then it failed without a warning.

re-jet your Quadrajet (part 1)
rejetting a quadrajet

Quadrajet air leak fix and warped air horn repair tutorial.
How to identify a Quadrajet with a warped air horn without diss assembly or running it on a car. These tips would have saved me time and money which is why I made this video. I also discus how to repair a warped air horn and prevent your air horn from warping in the first place. If you have a whistling noise just off idle then you got some work to do. You will never get your engine tuned right, your cold start performing or decent fuel economy unless your four barrel carburetor is just right. Special thanks to Cliff Ruggles for his book Rochester Quadrajet carburetors and to my brother Adrian who spent hours on tuning and fitting. See this video for description of the technique I used to straighten a warped air horn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_SgQiVf3_0&feature=youtu.be here is a technique for re-bushing the throttle shaft without drilling. http://rmcavoy.freeshell.org/Q_Jet_bushings.html