When Austin, TX ad man Danny Reed spotted a vehicle on a used car lot in 1971, it took his breath away. He knew something about the car that even the seller didn’t know. It’s a story that involves two great icons of Americana: Astronauts and Corvettes.

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$5 MILLION DOLLAR Corvette - 1969 ZL1- RAREST
Muscle Car Madness was a TV show I produced in 2005 that featured 13 of the rarest muscle cars ever built. In this episode, I feature the world's oldest Corvette, most powerful Corvette (Z06), a breakdown of all the platforms over the years, and the most expensive and rarest Corvette ever built.

Astronaut Alan Bean drives his old Corvette again
Astronaut Alan Bean drives his old Corvette again.

Neil Armstrong's 1967 Corvette
A preservation team in Daytona Beach, FL, tackles the big job of bringing Neil Armstrong's 1967 Corvette back to life in its original condition. These interviews were conducted Sept. 20 at a shop in D

Alan Bean's Intrepid Astrovette