turbo 4.8 stock bottom 700whp

Datsun on Dyno. Stock bottom 4.8 700 whp 640 tq on a Mustang Dyno.

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new 4.8 stock bottom record.MOV
stock bottom junk yard 4.8 maiden voyage at the track. 9.39 at 147 this wasnt the best pass of the day, my first pass was a 9.35 at 148, car running on pump gas 93 octane and meth, was hitting around 18 pounds of Boost on these passes,no one had a camera ready for my fastest pass , so i made sure my buddy got a pass on camera before it got dark. the Nitrous you hear purging is the monte carlo in the next lane , not me i dont even have a transbrake , i was foot braking on the two step at 3 grand. car is full interior daily driven true street car.

Junk yard 4.8 wheelies and 9.0 pass.wmv
reset the record again lol. also did some dope wheelies for a daily driven street car.

How to make your own LSx Turbo Manifolds
small video on how to save a ton of cash by building your own manifolds.

4.8 twin turbo
Mustang twin turbo project 4.8l LS