turbo 4.8 stock bottom 700whp

Datsun on Dyno. Stock bottom 4.8 700 whp 640 tq on a Mustang Dyno.

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Junk yard 4.8 wheelies and 9.0 pass.wmv
reset the record again lol. also did some dope wheelies for a daily driven street car.

Ultimate Turbo, Exhaust, Engine and Blow Off Sounds Compilation #2. Boosted sound!
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new 4.8 stock bottom record.MOV
stock bottom junk yard 4.8 maiden voyage at the track. 9.39 at 147 this wasnt the best pass of the day, my first pass was a 9.35 at 148, car running on pump gas 93 octane and meth, was hitting around 18 pounds of Boost on these passes,no one had a camera ready for my fastest pass , so i made sure my buddy got a pass on camera before it got dark. the Nitrous you hear purging is the monte carlo in the next lane , not me i dont even have a transbrake , i was foot braking on the two step at 3 grand. car is full interior daily driven true street car.

LSx Unlimited 1989 RCSB Twin Turbo 6.0 Movie
Stock 6.0 Shortblock, Gapped rings .026 top .028 bottom, LS Head Gaskets, Head Studs, 5.3 Heads, Comp 918 Springs, Stock Cam, LS7 Lifters, Fast 102 Intake, Fast Rails, Aeromotive 340 Pump, Aeromotive Regulator, 80lb Deka's, 5/7 C-Notch Flip Kit, Built TH350 Trans with RMVB, Jegs Dual Plate 3600. Filmed on 9psi, e85 ENJOY!! Just remember, this was filmed in a closed location under adult supervision