turbo 4.8 stock bottom 700whp

Datsun on Dyno. Stock bottom 4.8 700 whp 640 tq on a Mustang Dyno.

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How to Turbo your 98-02 F body Camaro over the weekend.
Watch as we install a JS Racing Products turbo kit on a 2002 Camaro Z28. email us at lavoy1@gmail.com if you want a kit like this.

how to fix minor paint issues with out paying a body shop
how to fix minor issues with your paint.

7/20/2014 StangLife2 Turbo 4.8 Gt45 LSX
99 Mustang, bone stock 4.8, Gt45 12psi, Th400, running one of my Microsquirt plug and play kits. Foot braking the car at 2800 pulling -10 degrees with launch control leaving on 6 psi.Stock cam/springs

4.8 twin turbo
Mustang twin turbo project 4.8l LS