turbo 4.8 stock bottom 700whp

Datsun on Dyno. Stock bottom 4.8 700 whp 640 tq on a Mustang Dyno.

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4.8 twin turbo
Mustang twin turbo project 4.8l LS

11-12-12 motor teardown prep for rebuild
tore it down to find out what we expected, broken ringlands on the tight cylinders and some bent rods, wich is common for gen3 guts at 650+rwhp, looks like everything looks good! im throwing in some gen4 used pistons and rods hopefully getting them tomorrow and hand gapping them loose for Boost!

How to make your own LSx Turbo Manifolds
small video on how to save a ton of cash by building your own manifolds.

Plug and Play Harness and ECU combo for Turbo LSx Swaps
as promised a small video showing our PnP Harness and ECU combo for turbo LSx swaps