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ZR1 Track Session: Motorsport Ranch Cresson 3.1 9-11-11

ZR1 Track Session with Driver's Edge (www.thedriversedge.net), bone stock down to PS2 tires besides Motul brake fluid. Check out a crazy slide at 10:45. I couldn't figure out how I lost control there until I looked at the track surface. It appears to be a trail of oil splatter right where my right tires drove over. Not good. Luckily, car was undamaged.


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Motorsport ranch Cresson 3.1 2:30.4
BMW 335i March 24 Drivers Edge red run group.

Motorsport Ranch Cresson, Texas 1.7/ 2012 997 Turbo S
Motorsport Ranch Cresson 9/22/2012/ Yellow Group 2nd Run

CMC Crash at Motorsports Ranch Cresson
NASA Texas racer Aaron McSpadden was working his way up through the field of a race that began with an inverted start. McSpadden won the first Camaro-Mustang Challenge race the day before and started the race from dead last. McSpadden had passed the No. 55 car the lap before it shot across his bow in the video. The driver of the No. 55 car said his throttle stuck open when he came down the inside of the turn. McSpadden was able to continue, but his car sustained a lot of damage.

Porsche GT3rs at MSR Cresson 3.1 mile CCW
Motorsports Ranch Cresson, TX 3.1 mile CCW 2010 Porsche GT3rs

Alec Havrén drives my 1996 LT4 Corvette at Gotland Ring
Alec Havrén, the founder and owner of the Gotland Ring, drives my 1996 LT4 Corvette at his track. The car is LT4 with cam and Exhaust, stock suspension and Falken FK452 tires. The time of the second lap was 1:41.

Badass e85 ZR1 battles 600whp GTR

Dodge Viper ACRs chasing each other around Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX
David, Brad and I are chasing one another around MSR on this cool but fine Sunday afternoon in Cresson, TX. David decides to leave the track in Big Bend and then Brad decides to leave the track in Wagon Wheel. I have them both on video in front and in the rear. You'll probably see fuel coming from my car and David's car. We filled up just prior to this session and we both have fuel dumping from our overflow.

MSR Houston CCW in Clown Shoe Motorsports BMW M Coupe - The Drivers Edge
This is a session at MSR Houston (CCW) in the Clown Shoe Motorsports 2002 BMW M Coupe with The Drivers Edge. Very little has changed with the car since our outing at COTA with the exception of the addition of a Traqmate and Traqdash. This as allowed us in integrate full data including RPM and gear into our videos. The Drivers Edge put on another excellent event. This weekend they happened to run the track Counter Clockwise (CCW) The car was driven by Clown Shoe Motorsports driver, BJ Meyer. While they weren't the fastest laps, they were bad given the cars state of development. Laps and times (video time index): #1 - 1 min 53.65 secs. ( 0:10 ) #2 - 1 min 48.90 secs. ( 2:04 ) #3 - 1 min 47.32 secs. ( 3:53 ) #4 - 1 min 47.20 secs ( 5:40 ) *** Fastest Lap *** #5 - 1 min 57.78 secs ( 7:28 ) #6 - 1 min 48.00 secs ( 9:25 ) #7 - 1 min 51.77 secs ( 11:14 ) XX - Cool Down ( 13:05 ) XX - Into the Pits ( 14:37 ) Check out ( 12:05 ) for some fun footage of me chasing a 540 RWHP BMW M3 with a 427 Corvette motor. My chase gets very exciting at ( 12:50 )! You can click on the video time index to jump the beginning of that lap in the video.

10/09/2011 First Track Day Motorsports Ranch Cresson SexyRob G35 Supercharged
My first track day, this is my last session of the day, just took some clips out instead of posting the full 20 minute video. best laptime so far was 1.37 on the 1.7m CW at Motorsports Ranch in Cresson.

2010 Corvette ZR1 - Circuit of the Americas March 9, 2014
2010 Corvette ZR1 BMWCCA at COTA Full track session in instructor group. Mods: Seats, harnesses, harness bar, poly bushings, camber kit, Finspeed wheels, Continental slick scrubs. Engine, suspension, brakes, and rest of car are otherwise stock. Thanks to Andy J. for overlaying GoPro video and Solo DL data with Dashware. Please visit Andy's Youtube page at: https://www.youtube.com/user/e92acj75/videos

Motorsports Ranch Cresson 1.3 | Ducati Pierobon F042 Ryan Andrews
We took the F042 to a Lone Star Track Day and got to ride it at speed for the first time. The bike handles amazing and has an unbelievable amount of torque!

MSR Houston Kart Nation Group D kart race
A little fun passing/repassing my friends out at MSR Houston kart track

MSRH 3/8/2014 Level 3 Session 4
My best on-track session of the day. I spent most of the session chasing down and trying to find a way around a Daytona 675R. No luck with that, but we did have some fun working through the traffic.

2010 Corvette ZR1 - NASA time trial - Motorsport Ranch - Cresson 3.1 3/16/13
First time trial with NASA. 2010 ZR1, SRF brake fluid, and Continental tires, otherwise stock. Fun running with Troy Messer, Mike Weathers, Michael Perkins, John Page, etc.. Classed TT1, but need to do a lot more mods to be competitive. I could drop 541lbs or add 100rwhp and still be classed TT1. Need aero, suspension, etc. too. Best time was a 2:20.2. Either way, had a good time.

GUY MARTIN 275Kmh Speed Wobble ★HD★ - Isle of Man TT - SURREAL ✔
SONG→ " SURREAL" itunes►http://goo.gl/JnC9ce Full 38 Mile on-board TT Lap 2013▐►http://goo.gl/twLf2→JUMP35 Use " JUMP35 " Discount Promo Code for 35%off . . " Surreal " by John O'Callaghan feat. Jaren

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