ZR1 Track Session: Motorsport Ranch Cresson 3.1 9-11-11

ZR1 Track Session with Driver's Edge (www.thedriversedge.net), bone stock down to PS2 tires besides Motul brake fluid. Check out a crazy slide at 10:45. I couldn't figure out how I lost control there until I looked at the track surface. It appears to be a trail of oil splatter right where my right tires drove over. Not good. Luckily, car was undamaged.

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ZR1 track session chasing modded GT-R, Z06, Boxster, etc.
2nd track session at Motorsport Ranch (MSR) in Cresson 1.7CCW. Bone stock ZR1 chasing GT-R, Z06, and Boxster during a fun track session on 4/23/11

2010 Corvette ZR1 - NASA time trial - Motorsport Ranch - Cresson 3.1 3/17/13
First time trial with NASA. 2010 ZR1, SRF brake fluid, and Continental tires, otherwise stock. Fun running with Troy Messer, Mike Weathers, Michael Perkins, John Page, etc.. Classed TT1, but need to do a lot more mods to be competitive. I could drop 541lbs or add 100rwhp and still be classed TT1. Need aero, suspension, etc. too. Best time was a 2:20.2. Either way, had a good time.

Camaro-Mustang Challenge Race with NASA-TX at Motorsports Ranch - Cresson Race2
This is race 2 of the Nasa-Tx weekend at Motorsports Ranch- Cresson, Texas (MSR-C) of the Camaro-Mustang Challenge Series. This race is an inverted start based on the finishing order from race 1. I start 15th and make to the lead on the last lap. March 2011

MSR Cresson 3.1 2:38 Lap Mazdaspeed3 9/11/2011
My fastest lap of the day, I blew little bend pretty badly but it was my fastest lap because I didn't get held up anywhere by traffic thanks to an excellent point by from the corvette. I was also having to stay out of 5th gear because my clutch was slipping, so I was running 4th to the limiter on most of the straights instead of shifting into 5th and staying in the powerband. Getting the clutch fixed up, a little more throttle through buzzard neck, and a clean traffic free lap in, 2:35 probably isn't too far out of reach. Sorry about the video shake, I think its time to get one of those nifty gopro HD setups. 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 BNR S3 turbo Cobb Accessport (self tuned) DNP EX Manifold Cobb Downpipe Cobb FMIC (V1) Mazdaspeed Intake Mazdaspeed Cat-Back CPE HPFP Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers (-2.5º F, -1º R) Hotchkis Sway bars F&R Brakes: Carbotech XP10 on the front (oem rears) Stainless steel lines on the front Motul RBF 600 Wheels: Enkei RPF1 17x8+45 Dunlop Starspecs, 235/40R17