compare it! Mercedes Benz Zetros - Fiat Panda Cross: David versus Goliath | drive it!

It's not for the faint hearted. Our two cars will be going head to head in a disused quarry with treacherous water ditches, near vertical inclines and the toughest terrain imaginable.It's big versus small, with the largest production off-roader taking on the smallest. The Mercedes Zetros 6x6 versus the plucky Fiat Panda 4x4. 10.5 tons against 1 ton. 7.2 liters and 240 kW versus 1.3 liters and 51kW. Does the Panda stand a chance or will the giant Zetros make light work of it?

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Zetros 6x6: Six tires for rough terrain | Made in Germany
Zetros 6 x 6 is a mega-truck: 360 horsepower, 16 tons load capacity and hip-high tires. It comes from Daimler and promises to be a very profitable niche product. It can be used in extremely difficult terrain. For example, in northern Lapland, its being used for the construction of power lines.A Zetros costs at least 110 thousand euros, but thats cheaper than transporting raw materials and equipment by helicopter, which is the only other realistic alternative. The Zetros 6x6 was designed in Daimlers development center and assembled in the worlds largest truck factory in Wörth. Its built as a basic platform, then adapted to fit the customers needs. Its also being sold as a military vehicle, for example. MADE IN GERMANY reporter Karl Harenbrock saw the Zetros in action in Finland and also visited the Daimler plant in Wörth. His visit included the R & D department, normally off limits to reporters, where he spoke with the engineers who work on the special vehicles. At the testing grounds, the monster trucks have to tackle inclines of up to 80 percent. Are such vehicles profitable for the manufacturer, or are they expensive prestige projects? MADE IN GERMANY went to find out.

test it! Lexus CT 200h | drive it!
The Japanese Lexus models have become big hits in Europe and the USA. The Lexus CT 200h is the first hybrid premium compact car. It has four driving modes including purely electric.It only has a range of under 2 kilometres but a regenerative braking system converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and recharges the battery. The car automatically switches to the electric mode whenever possible. The manufacturer says the car uses 3.8 litres of gasoline over 100 kilometres.

"The Other Guys" | euromaxx
This a cappella singing group from St. Andrews College in Scotland has become a smash hit in their home country. Their fourth album - and first professionally produced one -- is called"Barely Regal". It got made after the success of their parody video on YouTube of the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton who were both students at St. Andrews.

present it! The Next Generation Mercedes M-Class | drive it!
Mercedes is introducing the new generation of its M-class series. The automaker has traditionally been behind the curve when it comes to eco-friendly technology, but they want to change that now. The new M-class is expected to consume 25% less fuel than its predecessor and it will meet European emissions standards too. All the gas and diesel engines have been redesigned with seven-speed gearboxes - and they, too, consume less fuel, thanks to the start-stop function. The new M-class resembles both the CL luxury convertible and the E-Class, but all in all it's kept the traditional M-Class look. Drive It! takes the new car out for a spin.