G35 Greddy TT 16psi

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TT G35 VS 2011 GTR
Go here for inside and outside view overlayed: http://youtu.be/mEKTJttO1yM Stock block twin turbo G35 vs bone stock 2011 GTR. VERY close race...G35 wins by narrow margin.

Camaro SS 6.0L H/C vs. G35 TT vs. Trans AM WS6 393ci
Camaro SS 6.0L, Head/Cam, 4.11 gear, 460 rwhp vs. - G35 Twin turbo 12 psi, ~450rwhp, automatic - Trans AM WS6, LS1 393ci, Head/Cam, 3.73, ~480rwhp

Supercharged G35 vs Supercharged G37
The 9th Wonder of the word is my buddies #FactoryFreak G37 Coupe Pulling Behind LMAO!!!(Stock on Stock with a Topspeed Axle Back Exhaust and 20x11 Rohanna Rc7s WTFF??? The supercharged 37 would have probably done a lot better from a higher rpm. 2004 G35 Coupe 6MT Vortech V2 Supercharger 3.12 pulley with GTM pulley ID 725cc Injectors 1 Step Colder Plugs Aeromotive 340 Fuel Pump 3 Inch Charge Pipe UpRev GT MAF Kinetix V+ Intake Manifold NWP Thorttle Body Motordyne ART Pipes Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 Catback Exhaust OsGiken Twin Plate Clutch and Flywheel UpRev Tune 431WHP/372WTQ @7-9Psi on this pull 401whp otherwise Dynamotorsports Tuning 2011 Inifiniti G37 IPL Edition 6MT 451WHP, 351WTQ @ 8PSI Stock Motor (#VQ37VHR) Stillen Supercharger Kit (9psi pulley, Vortech V3 SC) ID 725cc Injectors Uprev MAP Sensor Frozen Boost Heat Exchanger turbosmart BOV GTR Spark Plugs Setrab 34-row Oil Cooler Lightweight Crank Pulley Meisterschaft Cat-Back Exhaust Stock Cats UpRev Pro Tune Southbend SS-TZ Stg2 Southbend Lightweight Flywheel ZSpeed CSC Kit CSF Aluminum Radiator GReddy Infometer Dynamotorsports Tuning

TT 5.0, Twin Turbo G35, GT500s, 600whp Talon + MORE
It's been a while! We went out and got some good runs in with a lot of awesome cars including an 850whp twin turbo 5.0, twin turbo G35, 600whp Talon, and a pack of GT500s! We have a lot more coming soon, thanks for watching! Stay up to date with RacingFX: RacingFX Decals: racingfx.co/product/racingfx-decals Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racing_fx/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Racingfx/