G35 Greddy TT 16psi

Stretching her legs ...

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TT G35 VS 2011 GTR
Go here for inside and outside view overlayed: http://youtu.be/mEKTJttO1yM Stock block twin turbo G35 vs bone stock 2011 GTR. VERY close race...G35 wins by narrow margin.

Camaro SS 6.0L H/C vs. G35 TT vs. Trans AM WS6 393ci
Camaro SS 6.0L, Head/Cam, 4.11 gear, 460 rwhp vs. - G35 Twin turbo 12 psi, ~450rwhp, automatic - Trans AM WS6, LS1 393ci, Head/Cam, 3.73, ~480rwhp

G35 Twin Turbo
My G35 with Greddy Twin turbo @ 10psi rips open a closed street and the Dyno.

Tim's G35 160mph run, extended version
by popular demand... more of the video, but it's a little shaky- sorry