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Gitt Swift - "Maro On Dem 30's" (32's) [Promo Video]
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Camaro KINGS 818

WhipAddict: Underground Rim King, 05' Cadillac DTS on DUB 30s, Camaro SS Vert on DUB 32s
Back at @UndergroundRimKing for some more big rims action! First the Custom painted Caddy DTS Deville on 30" DUB spinners with custom interior! Then the homie T.J. getting his 3rd set of 32" DUB floaters mounted on his 3rd car from Steve, this time going on a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible, yellow with black interior on the yellow DUBs with the brand new chrome Twist faces! Once done they took it back to Illinois!

King Camaro Cleaning w/ 813 Customs
After the Chrome Camaro was revealed everyone keeps asking how do you clean it....... How do you clean your car? LOL