Beware Of Auto-Thieves

Automobiles are a large investment; use The Club anti auto-theft device.

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Professional Thieves break the lock
Think your car is protected? Actually it is NOT!

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The Crime Guru demonstrates great "low tech" anti-theft vehicle protection with "The Club"

Review of The Club Steering Wheel Lock - Today well be taking a look at the Club Steering Wheel Lock, part number: WI900YELLOW. Now with the vehicle running still, you want to make sure that you turn the wheel one full revolution before turning the vehicle off. This will allow the steering wheel to go into the lock position. Next, well go ahead and pull out our steering wheel lock out from underneath our vehicles seat. This is a good place to stow it. Slide it from one side of the steering wheel to the other, and now it cant come off. Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

How to Use an Anti-Theft 'Club' Device
A surprising number of people that have worked for me haven't been exactly sure about how a "truck club" works to prevent theft. This video show why, in three minutes. I know that this is really basic stuff, but hey, would you rather have your vehicle get stolen? For more information about reforestation in Canada, visit: