03 Crown Victoria P71 ex-Cop car 1/4 mile

Run #1 Just me running my car at the student drags.I have two videos of me racing. 15.8@88mph best of 15.48@92mph 03 Ford Crown Victoria -4.6L V8 -260HP -300LB torque -super chips programmer -High flow mufflers with no rear resonators, stock Exhaust size piping though. -P71 cop package -140mph spedo -special transmission, higher gears for top speed, also lets me get 27mpg on the highway and 18-20 city. -HD everything, no joke note: bands in tranny are going so delayed shift from 1-2..thats why it ran so slow. when i got it, it ran a 15.4.

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2004 Crown Victoria 1/4 mile run
Here's my 2004 Ford Crown Victoria. Current mods include: aluminum driveshaft, 3.73 gears, full posi differential, Mercury Marauder airbox, 80mm MAF, '04 PI zip tube, ported and polished intake plenum and throttle body, 91 octane tune. This is my 4th best run so far after a 15.07, 15.09, 15.14.

Budget Super Car $3000 Fast and Awesome 2003 Ford Crown Victoria P71 Drag Race Special
If You are looking for a cheap super car look no further! We found the best Cheap Super car for under $3000. So we picked up a old 2003 Ford Crown Victoria and took it to the local drag way to see how she stacks up against the New Ford Taurus SHO twin turbo new Cop car! Visit my Store For Tested Home Goodies http://astore.amazon.com/bramcg09-20 Sign Up for My Mailing List @ www.BrandonMcGee.TV/Tools More Videos @ www.BrandonMcGee.Tv Contact@brandonmcgee.tv Social Handle Bars InstaGram - @mcgeeconstruction Face Book - Twitter- Periscope - Pinterest - YouTube @BrandonMcgeeTv

Turbo Crown Vic 1/4 mile pass
2004 p71 199k mile stock motor eBay "t67" turbo on 11lbs water to air Intercooler made 333whp/367wtq. Weighs 4235 with me in the car and ran a 12.74 @ 111 here with a 2.04 60ft on 20s.

5 Things I Hate About My Police Interceptor! (Crown Vic)
I list 5 things I hate about my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor! Here's "5 Things I Love...." - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo84XbTmcow Support me on Patreon! - https://goo.gl/OLsV9i Follow me on Twitter! - http://goo.gl/3oNXwS Follow me on Instagram! - https://goo.gl/iMut8f Like me on Facebook! - https://goo.gl/f7diqv Code Zero Gaming Channels Alex - http://goo.gl/wrKrFZ Buggs - http://goo.gl/Lyjiv5 Chris - http://goo.gl/wazkAX FroogleSim/Pete - http://goo.gl/9mUrxV Jeff - http://goo.gl/SsY7tE Polecat324 - http://goo.gl/wUTo3V Steve - https://goo.gl/GRCJHm Intro Music is "Halt and Catch Fire Rework" by Mythical Vigilante https://soundcloud.com/mythical-vigilante/halt-and-catch-fire-rework-free-f lac-download https://soundcloud.com/mythical-vigilante