Rental Car Burnout

Roast those tires!

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Lincoln Towncar Third Gear Burnout
Fox body swap stance nation Yolo swag bro

How to get up an icy 45 degree incline in the snow. Inside a Lincoln Town Car, Georgia Limousine drives up a steep hill and makes the sharp curve in the snow...doing what the neighborhood pick-up trucks and SUVs cannot.

Crown Victoria Rental Car Fun 0-80
The first vid in a series of 2. (after a U-turn). It's a 'courtesy car' given to me after pumping out over $1300 for a 100K tune up on our Honda Pilot. Thanks folks, it was fun. Maybe I'll take it out and cut some D's in it later...bitch!

2003 Lincoln Town Car moderate overlap IIHS crash test
2003 Lincoln Town Car built after May 2003 40 mph moderate overlap IIHS crash test Overall evaluation: Good Full rating at