JPS Supra 7.3 sec Santa Pod

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6 second Torana V8 twin turbo

JPS Supra 7.2 sec Run@190mph SantaPod 2011

Virtual Works Racing Supra wins the Outlaw Class | 2014 IDRC Sin City Nationals
The Virtual Works Racing supra took the win in the outlaw class at the 2014 IDRC Sin City Nationals. Due to the Vegas heat the car wasn't running to it's full 7 sec potential but it still laid down an impressive 8.33 @ 148.69 MPH. Check out the previous DSPORT feature on the car in issue #98

Ferrari Enzo brutal acceleration
Decat Enzo on the motorway... SCD Store: Follow us: Register on our website & be the first to see exclusive content from our events & shoots: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: