JPS Supra 7.3 sec Santa Pod

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จรวดทางเรียบ!! คลิปในรถ Supra 2JZ รัน 7.3sec 60ft 1.3xx By pondtech
คลิปในรถ Supra 2JZ รัน 7.3sec 60ft 1.3xx By pondtech Cr.- Chaiyos Tripuwaphrut

2016 FIA Euro Finals at Santa Pod Raceway - Full Car Classes TV Show
The full TV Show from the 2016 FIA 'Euro Finals' Drag Racing Championships at Santa Pod Raceway, UK. Featuring all the pro car classes, Top Fuel Dragsters, Top Methanol Funny Cars, Top Methanol Dragsters, Pro Stock cars and Pro Mod cars. Show Presenters: Darryl Bradford. More drag racing shows and clips at

Street Eliminator 2016 - FIA European Finals
A WebTV Show from the FIA European Finals following drag racers in Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator as they compete at Santa Pod Raceway in the 2016 Championship. A Street Eliminator Season DVD will be available from

Santa Pod Raceway "Flame & Thunder" 29/10/2016
Highlights from a mega weekend away to visit the Santa Pod 'Flame & Thunder' event with work mates Julie, Susan, Jerry (& kids). Featuring plenty of dragsters, souped up classic cars, jet powered funny cars, the Wheelie Corvette and even a motorised shed! Also seen in action elsewhere around the venue are monster trucks 'Podzilla' and 'Swamp Thing', Steve Murty's world famous Wheelie Fire Truck (last seen by me in 1987 in its Leyland Landtrain guise!), Nissan Skyline drifters and the infamous Car Football!